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Local Government Road Safety Programs from Pilot to Sustainability - The experience of Fairfield City Council

Mortimer, Alison

Community Programs


In NSW the Local Government Road Safety Program is a memorandum of agreement between the NSW State Government and Local Government to deliver a partnered approach to road safety. It is designed to increase the community reach and involvement of communities in road safety countermeasures. The Memorandum of Agreement between State and Local Government is a ten year contract that sees funds allocated by the State Government (approximately 7 million dollars per year) to fund the employment of Road Safety Officers within local Councils. These positions are charged with the delivery of behavioural and education programs aiming to address local issues. Currently in NSW there is a concern in relation to the financial sustainability of Local Councils. The impending completion of the Local Government Road Safety Program funding agreement has given cause for reflection in terms of the efficacy of community based road safety countermeasures. This paper outlines the incorporation of road safety behavioural programs into the ?business as usual? services at Fairfield City Council. It highlights the ability of a Local Government Authority to recognise the benefits of community action for road safety outcomes and to commit resources to ensure that this program is not threatened by a removal of State Government sponsorship. In summary this paper seeks to demonstrate or share how road safety programs have been set up at Fairfield City Council so that the external funding does not act as a pre-requisite for the continuation of behavioural road safety program delivery.