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Heavy Vehicle Seat Belt Wearing Compliance in New Zealand

Stearns, Debbie

Heavy Vehicles


The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is a Government entity that manages New Zealand?s statutory accident compensation scheme. Promoting measures to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury is the primary function of ACC injury prevention. This paper will discuss our experience in developing and delivering a workplace road transport programme related to seat belt wearing among drivers of heavy vehicles. ACC is a personal injury insurance scheme. It provides 24 hour, no fault cover. Its injury prevention efforts are driven by the cost of claims and the Corporation has a statutory responsibility to direct its programmes in ways that will most effectively reduce levies that are driven by these claims. This can only be achieved by reducing both the incidence of claims, but more particularly the severity of the injuries that do occur. Anticipating the future trends and issues that will impact on injury rates and developing programmes that respond to those issues is a key component of ACC?s workplace injury prevention strategy.