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What can riders tell us about motorcycle rider training? A view from the other side of the fence

Rowden, Peter, Watson, B, Haworth, Narelle



Past research has found little empirical support for the effectiveness of motorcycle rider training as a road safety countermeasure. Arguably, one potential reason for this lack of effect is that conventional/current training processes do not typically facilitate effective levels of learning in trainees. Within the broader adult education literature there has been an overwhelming shift towards learner-centred (or student-focused) approaches to teaching and training in recent years. However, to date there have been no studies published that have specifically explored how riders learn during training. This qualitative study explored motorcycle riders? (n=40) experiences of licence training with reference to adult learning issues such as learning styles and motives for training. Additionally, riders? subsequent on- road experiences were reconciled with the information learnt during training. Results are discussed in terms of how motorcycle training should be underpinned by accepted adult learning principles and the influence that the licensing system may have on learning outcomes.