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Heavy Vehicle Enforcement South Australia Police

Rhodes, Ross



Economic growth is reliant upon safe and efficient road transport. South Australia is no different from the rest of Australia with a high reliance on road freight to carry most of its commodity, product and consumer needs. Within SA there is approximately 100,000 km's of road network within a landmass of 984,377 square kilometres. Transport accounts for approximately 4.5% of the State?s employment and 5% of the State?s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contributing about $2.9 billion in 2004/2005.i The road transport sector in SA currently employs approximately 30,000 people. In accord with national growth predictions, a doubling of the freight task is predicted within SA by 2020. About 80% of that task is predicted to be by road freight. Vast distances and remote areas provide challenges for community policing, especially the rigors of traffic law enforcement. Many rural highways traverse arid areas with long distances between either roadhouses or towns.