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Hoon Driving Behaviour: Prevalence, Associated Characteristics and Crashes

Gee Kee, Alita, Palk, Gavan, Steinhardt, Dale



The use of vehicles in an antisocial, ?loutish? and dangerous manner constitutes the phenomenon of hooning, a risky behaviour with heightened concern for Australian roads (Folkman, 2005; Jarred, 2002). The concern has been highlighted by extensive media attention particularly from local newspapers within Australian states and territories (see ?Hoons need for speed and danger?, 2006; Ferguson, 2006; ?Hoons go for a joyride?, 2006). There has also been general observations made by police and traffic groups as to the related components of hooning (e.g. Folkman, 2005; Jarred, 2002) although the amount of accessible published documents is minimal. Thus, hooning may lead to on road accidents and warrants research to identify its related factors.