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Road Safety Engineering Toolkit

Jurewicz, C



The Austroads Road Safety Engineering Toolkit is a free, on-line reference tool created for road infrastructure and road services practitioners. It draws together the wealth of road safety engineering knowledge, including the latest solutions adopted by various Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions. The Toolkit has been put together with state and local government road authorities in mind, where staff need easy and quick access to information on crashes and road safety deficiencies. The Toolkit outlines the best-practice, low cost, high return road safety engineering treatments to achieve a reduction in the number and the risk of crashes. Provision of safer roads and roadsides is a major area of gain under the National Road Safety Strategy 2001?2010, which aims to reduce the number of fatalities per 100,000 population by 40% by 2010. This aim has been backed by Austroads funded research reviews, which have been used to provide up-to-date information contained in the Toolkit. The Toolkit may be a useful tool in preparing Black Spot Program funding applications, provision of general advice to public and in community consultation. It provides assistance in crash site analysis and in the treatment selection. It also assists in the treatment of road locations, where high risk of crashes has been identified by public, practitioners or road safety audits.