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Safer vehicles - the market driven approach in Victoria

Healy, David, Passmore, J, Thompson, John, Truong, J

Vehicle Safety


The ?Safe System? approach to tackling road safety is increasingly gaining ground across Australian jurisdictions. At the heart of this approach is the primacy of human health and well-being when compared with other benefits such as convenience or economic gain. This approach demands that a significant focus is placed on managing the interaction between road-users, the vehicle and the road and roadside environment such that no death or disabling injury occurs. This paper has as its focus the critical role that safer vehicles play in helping to create a safer traffic system. The role of the market-driven model will be exemplified by describing a range of key programs and initiatives conducted by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in conjunction with partner agencies, with a view to accelerating the up-take of safer vehicles. A sample of initiatives that draw variously upon advocacy, public relations, advertising, infrastructure, demonstration and evaluation will be described and trends in relevant outcome indicators summarised. The paper concludes with a discussion of recommended ways to proceed to ensure both that the community can access the safest vehicles possible currently and that impetus is given to the introduction of the most effective emerging technologies in the future.