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The Motorcycle Safety Levy: Providing an integrated program to improve motorcyclist safety

Fotheringham, Nicola



A Motorcycle Safety Levy was introduced in Victoria in 2002 in recognition of the vulnerability of motorcyclists and their over-representation in road trauma statistics. The Levy is added to the Transport Accident Commission insurance premium on motorcycles of 126cc capacity and over, and is included with motorcycle registration renewals. The Levy enables the implementation of a program of road safety initiatives that address the key issues causing trauma to motorcyclists but do not meet funding criteria under State and Federal road safety programs. Since implementation of the Levy, alongside the arrive alive! Road Safety Strategy, motorcyclist fatalities have decreased in Victoria, whilst increasing across the rest of Australia. A strategic framework to guide expenditure of Levy funds was developed with input from Monash University Accident Research Centre, motorcycle safety professionals, and members of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC). One of the most important initiatives to be funded by the Levy is road improvements at blackspot locations. However, the Levy is also being used to develop and implement education, training and research projects. These non-road projects are expected to provide improvements in rider safety over the longer term. Projects focused on education or training include research into motorcycle protective clothing and development of a star rating system, investigation of rider hazard perception and response skills, and the development and evaluation of an on-road assisted ride program. Other projects aimed at enhancing knowledge of motorcycle safety to better inform decision making include a motorcycle exposure study and research into the role of speed and speeding in motorcycle crashes. This paper will provide an overview of the program of non-road projects funded by the Levy and discuss the expected benefits for motorcyclist safety in Victoria.