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Qualitative and quantitative pedestrian research in NSW

Allsopp, G, Johnson, Lyndall, Span, David, Preston, Mich, Morel, E, Fitzgerald, Camden, Jiang, Qingjian, Lee, Doris


In NSW, pedestrian fatalities represent about one fifth of the road toll and as high as a third of all road deaths in metropolitan areas. Between 2002 and 2006, around 70 per cent of pedestrian fatalities occurred in the Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong conurbation. Previous research commissioned by the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA) has highlighted several pedestrian safety issues, including a general belief that the road is for drivers rather than pedestrians, confusion over who has right of way in different situations, pedestrians? desire to take the shortest route with no regard for pedestrian facilities, driver intolerance of risky pedestrian behaviours, and the importance of non-verbal communication between drivers and pedestrians (AMR Interactive, 2003; Job and Hatfield, 2002; Woolcott Research, 2004).