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Study of Effect of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Drivers Improvement

Mohammed Najeeb, PM

Driver Risk & Behaviour


This experimental research is to study effect of Cognitive Behaviour therapy for drivers? improvement. Cognitive Behaviour Modification based on the premises that negative thoughts, images or beliefs produce undesired or maladaptive behaviors and that clients can taught to modify these private events. Aggressive drivers tend to maintain negative dysfunctional beliefs with one or more biases in logical thinking that leads to increased risk taking. Two hundred bus drivers selected randomly from five stations across the state. Tested with questionnaires, pre training and half of them assigned to special training, tested post training for their improvement. Next half assigned to control group without training and tested post training to asses the changes if any due to practice or any other factors in the same duration and compared. Result shows highly significant change in experimental group?s attitude and behaviour in expected direction and hence this method is relevant for drivers? improvement.