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Monitoring and evaluating infrastructure safety deficiencies towards integrated road safety improvement in Indonesia

Kushari, B, Mulyono, AT, Agustin, J (Peer reviewed)



The Road Infrastructure Safety Management System (RSIMS) has been recently developed by Indonesian Highway Administration (Bina Marga) to minimize the number and the impact of accidents caused by road environment deficiencies. This paper explores the development of the RSIMS and one of its activities, namely Road Safety Inspection (RSI) to monitor and evaluate safety performance of operating roads. A set of RSI guidelines has been developed to facilitate the mapping of deficiencies and hazards. As the first trial series, safety inspection using the guidelines had been carried out along a 30 km national road section in Ngawi, East Java Province. Risk evaluation was performed upon discovered deficiencies in order to suggest necessary responses and treatments. RSI is expected to produce important inputs for integrated infrastructure safety management, i.e. (1) deficiency mapping and database, (2) safety audit prioritization, and (3) programming treatments to overcome safety deficiencies.