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Numerical analysis of real-world cyclist crashes: impact speed, collision mechanism and movement trajectories

Pang, TY, Sakeran, H, Short, A, McIntosh, AS, Rechnitzer, George, Thai, K (Peer reviewed)



This paper describes the development and testing of a three-dimensional computer model of a bicycle and rider. The model was developed using MADYMO and will assist in the reconstruction of bicycle crashes. In particular the model will be used to determine the rider?s pre-impact speed and kinematics during the impact. Three exemplar real-world bicycle crashes were reconstructed using a multi-body system (MBS) modelling technique. The models were set up in accordance with crash information obtained from at- scene investigations, and police and witness reports of exemplar collisions. The computer crash reconstructions gave reasonable representations of the real-world crashes. The modelling identified the influence of a number of input variables, eg. pre-crash speeds, and outputs, eg. cyclist trajectory. This study is a part of a major research project examining the performance of bicycle and motorcycle helmets. The computer simulations will assist in determining the head impact velocities in real world collisions.