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Motorcyclists' view of advanced technology for motorcycle safety

Cairney, Peter, Ritzinger, A (Peer reviewed)

Motorcyclists - II


Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and Advanced Braking Systems, which include anti-lock braking systems (ABS), linked braking systems and emergency brake assist (EBA) are developments which hold out promise for improving motorcycle safety. VicRoads engaged ARRB Group to investigate the feasibility of these technologies in the near future and the likelihood that these technologies would be accepted within the motorcycling community. Interviews were conducted with nine individuals who were expert in motorcycling safety or vehicle systems. Discussions were conducted with eight rider focus groups which attracted riders of different ages and motorcycling expertise, and who rode different types of machines. All ITS systems investigated were expected to have positive impacts on motorcycle safety by a group of experts interviewed separately from the motorcyclists. Riders were generally more sceptical. While they recognised that ACN would have safety benefits for a small number of riders, they were not convinced that ISA would have safety benefits and were divided over whether advanced braking systems would have safety benefits or not. Rider opinion about advanced braking systems was not based on practical experience since very few riders had ridden motorcycles with these features. Barriers to the uptake of ITS safety technologies, and actions to advance the case for safety-related ITS, are discussed.