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Road-right - educating young drivers about cyclists

Jacobsen, M

Novice Drivers - II


Each year on Australian roads, an average of 38 cyclists are killed and over 2,500 serious injuries are reported with many more incidents unreported1. The majority of these collisions involve a motor vehicle and the cycling road toll contributes to the $18billion cost to society of road trauma2. For the past eight years, bicycle sales have exceeded car sales with more than 1.4 million bikes sold per year3. As an increasing number of people ride bicycles for health, recreation, economic savings and transport needs, fatalities and injuries on our roads have the potential to increase. Inspired by the life of Amy Gillett, the Australian cyclist tragically killed in Germany 2005, the primary objective of the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) is to reduce cyclist injury and death by promoting a safe and harmonious relationship of shared respect between cyclists and motorists. The AGF is working towards improved cyclist safety by implementing a variety of education, awareness and research programs.