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Victoria's new Drive Test: Development of the assessment framework

Catchpole, John, Cavallo, Antonietta, Christie, Ron, Harrison, Warren A., Johnston, D, Macdonald, Wendy, Oh, S, Triggs, Tom J.

Novice Drivers - II


As part of the introduction of a new Graduated Licensing System, VicRoads has developed and implemented a new on-road licence test that is calibrated to the driving aptitude of today?s licence applicants, most of whom are required to have at least 120 hours if supervised driving experience. This paper describes the evolution of the assessment framework for the new Drive Test through a series of trials involving driving tasks and assessment items taken from Victoria?s previous driving test; tasks and items from tests used in other jurisdictions; and tasks and items newly devised by the Drive Test development team. The final assessment framework includes credit for correct demonstration of safe driving skills and penalties for driving actions that are illegal and/or create immediate danger to any road user. Although a number of alternative scoring protocols were trialled, the final framework scores all assessment items as a simple Yes or No (plus the possibility of Not Assessable for some items). The assessment criteria for the various items and error categories seek to promote reliability of assessment through clear specification of objectively verifiable behavioural requirements. VicRoads is monitoring the performance of the new Drive Test and the LTOs who administer it. Further refinements will be made if necessary to ensure consistency of assessment across all licence testing centres in Victoria.