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Review of Best Practice in Road Crash Database and Analysis System Design

Turner, Blair (Peer reviewed)

Crash Data


Crash databases are an essential tool in analysing crash risk. Databases allow analysis of trends as well as the identification of high crash locations, thereby providing information with which to make strategic safety related decisions, as well the treatment of high risk sites. New Zealand, and each Australian jurisdiction has its own crash database, and great differences exist between these systems. Austroads have funded a project to review Australasian crash databases to assess best practice features. Contact was made with each Australasian jurisdiction, and information gathered on available features from each system. A literature review was also undertaken of international practice on this issue, and contact made with key international experts to determine current best practice. Good features from various jurisdictions are presented, and it is hoped that through sharing of this information, all systems in Australia and New Zealand can be improved to provide better analytical tools to those involved in road safety.