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Queensland Young Driver Community Engagement Process

Moore, Renae, King, Mark J., Soloman, G.

Young Drivers


A young driver discussion paper was released by the Queensland Government in November 2005 providing 22 possible initiatives to reduce the high incidence of young road user fatalities on Queensland Roads. A number of community engagement techniques were utilised including focus groups, a telephone survey and community forums across Queensland. The results showed two of the 22 initiatives were strongly supported, eight had general support, two had some support, nine received mixed support and one was opposed. As a result of the engagement process, on the 12 August the Queensland Government announced a number of changes to the Queensland graduated licensing system (GLS) for young drivers. Initiatives to be introduced included 100 hours of on-road driving experience, reduction of the learner age to 16 years of age, minimum 12 months on a learner licence, split provisional phase (P1/P2), peer passenger restrictions from 11pm to 5am, late night driving restrictions (as a penalty), power restrictions, introduction of a hazard perception test from P1 to P2 and a multimedia package for learner drivers and supervisors.