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Risk Targeted Road Policing In New Zealand

Perry, Vera

Enforcement & Penalties


AIM: Being "Smarter and Safer" in deploying resources to reduce road trauma. CONTENT: Prior to 2001 there was minimal risk targeted road policing in New Zealand (NZ). Most deployment decisions were as a result of anecdotal information; with no real hard data analysis occurring on a regular basis to prove that road policing activity was being undertaken at identified high risk areas. The NZ road toll was at a 10 year average of 558 deaths per annum. The twelve Police District based Road Policing Intelligence Analysts appointed in 2001 are tasked to analyse crash and ticket data to ensure targeted resource allocation. Analysis of multiple sourced crash data has resulted in the evolution of Risk Targeted Patrol Plans (RTPP's) into CRASH (Crash Risk Analysis by Sectored Highway) books, which profile road sectors and attach risk weightings. CRASH books are a dynamic tool for deploying resources. CONCLUSION: A new way forward for NZ Road Policing. It is an initiative in the right direction in the deployment of resources at identified high risk times and places to reduce road trauma.