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Youth at risk ? how do they get their licence?

Mak, Jodie-Anne, Miller, Anne (Peer reviewed)

Young Drivers


How are young single mums, homeless youth, rural and remote young people or migrant and refugee young people going to achieve 120 hours of supervised driving? The Road Aware Access & Equity Project has specifically targeted ?at risk youth? who, for genuine hardship and disadvantage reasons, are at risk of not being able to get the required supervised driving experience through lack of access to a suitable driving supervisor and/or vehicle. The Project acknowledged that there are many groups of young people within the population that fall into the category of ? at risk? and will find it difficult ... if not impossible to achieve 120 hours of supervised driving. Road Aware has conducted extensive state-wide consultation to determine the extent of the risk factors that might cause a young person to be at risk and to estimate the number of young people in the state who are affected by each of the risk factors. It also identified existing successful strategies and models which assist at risk young people to meet the current requirements, and which may be useful in assisting them to meet the proposed requirements. The findings from this consultation have been presented as a set of recommendations to Cabinet to support young people.