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Press Vibes & Videotapes ? A Peer Road Safety Education Project

Maisey, Gavin, Jones, Jacqui

Young Drivers


The RAC's 'Press, Vibes and Videotapes' (PVV) competition in 2005 challenged students to design and produce a television, radio or newspaper road safety advert for a target audience of young road users from their own age group. Students from years 10, 11 and 12 from across Western Australia were invited to compete for individual and school prizes and the chance to have their winning advert seen or heard by thousands of young people across the state. Entries were judged on innovation and creativity, communication of key messages, professionalism and impact of the message on a young audience. The results were presented in the major daily newspaper, on a youth radio station, and at Hoyts cinemas in WA. Young people communicating and collaborating within their own age group is likely to increase the effectiveness of the road safety message being transferred successfully. Results from the PVV competition supports the use of this methodology and the importance of partnering with media organisations so as to increase the benefits from road safety education targeted at the difficult youth market.