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A Study Predicting Self-Reported Crashes among Fleet Drivers

Davey, Dr. Jeremy, Freeman, James, Wishart, D.

Fleet Safety


This study reports on the utilisation of the Manchester Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ), Driver Attitude Questionnaire (DAQ) and Safety Climate Questionnaire (SCQ) to examine the self- reported crash involvement of a sample of Australian fleet drivers (N = 4195). Questionnaires were distributed through the company?s internal mail system to participants. Univariate analyses identified that drivers were more likely to report engaging in speeding behaviours and believed speeding was more acceptable compared to drink driving, following too closely or engaging in risky overtaking manoeuvres. However, multivariate analyses implemented to determine factors associated with crash involvement revealed that increased work pressure as well as driving mistakes (i.e., errors) were predictive of crashes, even after controlling for exposure to the road (i.e., kilometres driven per year). This paper will further highlight the major findings of the study as well as possible implications regarding the predictive utility of self-report questionnaires to investigate driving behaviours.