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Self-Awareness of Driving Impairment in Patients with Cataract or Glaucoma

Carberry, Trent, Wood, Joanne, King, Mark J.

Older Drivers/Users


This study compared the driving performance of individuals with the eye diseases cataracts or glaucoma with age-matched controls, as well as the individual?s own perceptions of driving. Participants included drivers over the age of 50 years who had been diagnosed with glaucoma (n=29) or cataracts (n=33) and a control group with no ocular pathology (n=13). Driving performance was measured on a closed road circuit using a range of standardised measures of vehicle control and hazard recognition and avoidance, while visual performance was measured with a battery of tests including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and visual fields. Perceptions of vision and driving were assessed using the Activities of Daily Vision Scale, Driver Behaviour Questionnaire and a driving exposure questionnaire. Driving performance was significantly poorer (p