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The Road Safety Risk Manager ? A software tool to help practitioners prioritise, manage and track road safety engineering issues.

McInerney, Rob

Road Environment


The ARRB Transport Research and Austroads developed Road Safety Risk Manager will provide authorities with a powerful tool to manage, prioritise and track the status of road safety issues on their networks. The focus of the software is to provide road safety professionals with a tool to proactively assess road safety hazards and treatments for the purpose of prioritising actions.

The Road Safety Risk Manager provides users with simple wizards, look-up tables and help functions to assess the risk associated with hazards and treatments, and ultimately calculate a Risk-Cost Ratio that can be used to prioritise treatments. Based on extensive research that commenced in 1998 the system is user friendly and suitable for use by auditors, investigators, project managers and asset owners. Following the collection of site information, the tool allows the assessment of individual hazards and treatments in 5-10 minutes. With the reporting and budget analysis tools provided, the software can meet the specific needs of risk identification, risk management and the development of remedial treatment programs.

Exporting and importing functions also allow the development of local area programs at the regional level, which can be easily incorporated into a state-wide or federal program such as the ?black-spot? initiatives. The software also provides a simple way to track the status of any issue or record any actions taken, allowing traceability and transparency in decision making, and assist road safety managers demonstrate a responsible approach to managing road safety risk.