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An application of the driver attitude questionnaire to examine driving behaviours within an Australian organisational fleet setting

Wishart, D., Davey, Dr. Jeremy, Freeman, James (Peer reviewed)

Driver Psychology / Human Factors


This study reports on the utilisation of the Driver Attitude Questionnaire (DAQ) to examine the self- reported driving behaviours of a sample of Australian fleet drivers (N = 443). Surveys were posted to drivers who agreed to participate in the study. Univariate analyses of the four subscales revealed that participants were least concerned about speeding, followed by risky overtaking manoeuvres, while attitudes regarding the seriousness of close following and drink driving were significantly higher. Additional analyses revealed the speeding factor was associated with self-reported traffic offences, and was predictive of demerit point loss at a multivariate level, even after controlling for driving exposure (i.e., kms driven each year). This paper further outlines the major findings of the study and highlights implications regarding the utilisation of self-report measurement tools within fleet settings to examine on-road behaviour.