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The impact of driver distraction on young drivers

McEvoy, Suzanne (Peer reviewed)

Young Drivers


Background: Young drivers are over-represented in crash statistics. While the reasons are multifactorial, the role of driver distraction in crashes involving young drivers has been largely neglected. Methods: A representative driver survey of 1347 drivers aged 18 to 65 years was conducted in New South Wales and Western Australia. Data were weighted to reflect the corresponding driving population and were analysed to determine the effect of driver age group on the reported frequency and types of distracting activities while driving, drivers? perceptions about the danger conferred by these activities, and crashes resulting from driver distraction. Results: Young drivers (18-30 years) were significantly more likely to report distracting activities during the most recent driving trip including mobile phone use (18-30y: 11.5% v 50-65y: 4.1%, P=0.004), handling of in-vehicle equipment (18-30y: 80.8% v 50-65y: 54.9%, P