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South Australian primary schools bicycle helmet usage survey

Anderson, R W G (Peer reviewed)



This was a school-based survey that was conducted in 2003 to assess bicycle helmet compliance rates amongst South Australian primary school students riding to school. 32% of South Australian primary schools chose to participate in the survey. The total number of students attending the participating schools accounted for approximately 42% of all primary school children. A sample of non- participating schools was independently surveyed to estimate the differences between participating and non-participating schools. The data were disaggregated to examine any differences discernible between schooling sectors, school location and schools with a high indigenous population. Furthermore, the relationship between socio-economic disadvantage and helmet wearing rates was explored. It was estimated that 4% of primary school children ride their bicycle to school. Of the students riding a bicycle to school, 92% wore a helmet. The highest rate of helmet-compliance was reported in Catholic and independent primary schools (100%). Geographically, the lowest rate was reported in the metropolitan Adelaide region (89%). Programs to improve helmet wearing rates might target those from a background of disadvantage and include indigenous children.