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Survive the Ride - Be in Control Motorcycle safety education 2005

Tynan, David, Henderson, Stephan, Letunica, Milan, Kennedy, Tara

Motorcycles and Scooters


Survive the Ride (STR) is a community education campaign focusing on assisting motorbike riders to take responsibility for their own safety, regardless of who causes the crash.  Since its inception in 2002, STR challenges riders to consider the gear they wear, their crash avoidance thinking skills and their riding behaviour.

Our primary target consists of nearly 7,500 registered motorbikes and over 15,000 licensed riders in seven Local Government Areas in Sydney?s Western Suburbs.

To attract the attention of riders 26,000 STR brochures were distributed, $5,000 worth of motorbike leathers, rider training and motorbike servicing was given away and riders were able to support The Children?s Hospital at Westmead.

The success of STR depended largely on community support, partnership with State Government and sponsorship from private enterprise. Seven Local Councils, three Government agencies, a range of local businesses and motorbike clubs were keen to fund, donate and provide in-kind support to promote the key messages and participate in a positive campaign. STR in 2005 attracted over $20,000 in sponsorship and support from 18 companies including FPC Magazines, Stay Upright, Monza Imports and Sony-BMG.

2005 is in the third year of a long term campaign to improve motorbike rider safety.