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The development of Ride Smart ? A cognitive skills CD-ROM training product for motorcyclists

Tierney, P., Cockfield, Samantha

Motorcycles and Scooters


In May 2000, the TAC launched Drive Smart, a CD-ROM training product for novice drivers. The product was the result of a three-year TAC commissioned research project undertaken by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC). Drive Smart was positively evaluated using a driving simulator.  Following the success of this product, an equivalent CD-ROM for motorcycle riders, Ride Smart, was developed based on a similar instructional design philosophy.

Consisting of 102 exercises and taking five hours to complete, Ride Smart was designed to supplement real-world riding experience and systematically train users in the cognitive skill areas of hazard perception, effectively scanning the environment and managing the workload of riding.  Developed through extensive consultation with motorcycle trainers and stakeholders, the product underwent an evaluation to ensure the validity, accuracy and clarity of the content.  The evaluation was conducted by MUARC.

Ride Smart was launched in August 2005 and has been made available to all riders in Victoria free of charge upon request.  The marketing and distribution strategy allows it to be ordered on-line and via the post through a direct mail campaign.  The product is also made available to accredited motorcycle training providers to distribute to students when undertaking compulsory training courses.