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Geodemographic analysis of drivers detected drink driving in Victoria

Thiele, Richard

Drink/Drug Driving


Victoria Police have developed a database containing information on drivers detected with blood alcohol content (BAC) above permissible levels. The database contains offender details (such as name, address and occupation) and offence details (including level of BAC recorded, time, date and location).

Pathfinder Solutions Pty Ltd, a market research company specialising in geodemographic analysis, has classified each Census Collection District (CCD) in Australia into one of 60 different geodemographic segments based on data sources such as the 2001 Census, household expenditure data, lifestyle survey data and property values.

Geocoding software was used to identify the CCD area for the home address of detected drink drivers and a series of geodemographic profiles created.

This paper outlines the approach used to identify profiles of detected drink drivers, the processes involved in calculating detected drink driving rates and the identification of geographic areas of under-detection and detection hot spots.

It is suggested that this information can assist in implementing enforcement strategies and allocation of resources to detect drink driving behaviour, as well as allowing local targeting of advertising and communications to areas with high levels of drink driving offences or high levels of under-detected drink driving.