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A strategic partnership to increase programme reach of a driver fatigue programme

Spackman, Angela



In 2003 the Land Transport Safety Authority reported ?driver tired? or ?fell asleep? being responsible for 6% of injury crashes.  This correlates to Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) costs of approximately $12,500,000 (6% of claims paid out of the Motor Vehicle Account).  This is likely to be a low estimate as ?failed to keep left? and ?inattention? or ?attention diverted? may also be a result of the driver being tired; both feature as high contributors to injury and fatal crashes.

ACC therefore developed an education based Driver Fatigue programme targeting non-commercial drivers, where legislation and enforcement are not currently possible.  A partnership has been developed between IAG New Zealand, a private insurance company, and ACC to increase the reach of ACC?s Driver Fatigue programme.  By reducing fatigue related crashes IAG recognises it could possibly reduce their claim liability.  

This partnership includes ACC providing resources and technical knowledge in the area of driver fatigue.  There are benefits for both companies and for the reach of injury prevention messages with this type of partnership.  This has been a unique opportunity that could pave the way for future partnerships of this type beyond the issue of driver fatigue.