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Poor road markings contribute to crash rates

Carnaby, Bob

Road Environment


The majority of traffic fatalities in Australia occur at night. The death rate is estimated to be between three to four times higher at night than during the day.

In recent a survey across Australia (D. Brown 2004), it has been noted that the standards for road-marking, in the area of night time visibility, are either set at very low performance levels or are non existent. There have been many studies and experiments that demonstrate that accident rates can be significantly further reduced if the road markings were to be maintained to safer standards.

This paper presents some of the results from this and other recent global research, and looks at how road-markings can figure in reducing crashes. It suggests that the measure of road-marking performance for both day and night, and in both wet and dry conditions, should be used as a tool in future accident investigations. The statistics would then become more meaningful, the fatalities and serious injuries could be reduced, and the cost benefit of safer performing road-markings may then be realised.