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An exploration of Australian driving anger

O'Brien, Sharon, Tay, Richard

Young Drivers


This paper reports the findings of two studies undertaken to explore the extent and nature of driving anger among a sample of Australian drivers. A qualitative study involving 25 drivers investigated the types of road incidents that evoked feelings of anger and frustration. The findings suggested that it is the effect of situation-specific factors, including the characteristics of the ?offending driver? which result in feelings of anger and the expression of aggression on the roads. Further to this finding, the full Driving Anger Scale (DAS) was administered to 166 participants in order to assess the applicability of this situation specific, general driving anger measure for Australian drivers. Factor analysis revealed a five-factor loading that resulted in the combining and renaming of two of the original DAS subscales. Also, the findings suggest that the DAS items may lack the situational, or contextual cues, sufficient to elicit meaningful measures of driving anger on Australian roads. Further analysis of the DAS, administered to a larger sample, is recommended.