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Achievements in improving log truck safety

Baas, P, Wilshier, Warwick

Heavy Vehicles


Over the last 6 years there has been a major (over 65%) reduction in log truck crashes, especially rollover crashes, during a time of rapid growth in the industry.  From being regarded as one of the worst sectors in the transport industry, it is now one of the better ones and no longer attracts the adverse media attention that it once did.  Most of the gains can be attributed to the work undertaken by the Log Transport Safety Council in conjunction with the transport authorities.  LTSC has as its members log transport operators, forest owners, equipment suppliers, researchers, Land Transport NZ and the Department of Labour.  The improvements in safety have been achieved through a wide range of measures including improvements in vehicle performance and design, a strong commitment to driver training, major improvements in fleet safety management and the introduction of longer-lower log trucks.  This paper describes what has been achieved as a case study for improving heavy vehicle safety more generally.