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Improving research results with the Theory of Planned Behavior

Ferguson, Catherine, Robinson, Dr Ken, Cohen, Dr Lynne



Background: The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is a well known theory addressing the relationship between attitude and behaviour. However, research using this theory does not always produce the expected high correlations amongst the components of the theory, or account for a high proportion of the behaviour. Aim: To collate information from an extensive review of the literature on the use of the TPB to predict and understand behaviour, and on the components of the theory from a practical, intervention-based viewpoint. Methodology: A review of the literature on the TPB, attitudes, norms and perceived behavioural control (PBC). Conclusion: Researchers planning to use the TPB need to extend their knowledge of attitudes, subjective norms, PBC and the interactions amongst these variables with other measures added to improve prediction or understanding of the behaviour under investigation.