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TOSSERS - A Coordinated Effort

McCann, Tony, O'Brien, Mel

Community Based Road Safety


In 2002 a workshop was held by the Office of Road Safety in Perth which involved all regional stakeholders with an interest in road safety. It was at this workshop that TOSSERS was born. It was identified that the link missing in addressing road safety in the Mid West was a co-ordinated strategic approach to address whole of region issues. The workshop identified the deficiencies in the delivery of road safety programs throughout the region and the need to lift road safety as a priority in regional development in the Mid West. Some of the deficiencies identified throughout agencies included: - a depth of statistical information, but lack of information sharing between the agencies - a lack of regional ownership of road safety issues. We are told what the issues are and what the strategies are for our region - we weren t deciding for ourselves - agencies having their own reporting requirements which limits their capacity for a whole of region strategic approach. - duplication and ineffective use of resources because of the lack of cooperation and coordination between agencies - limited advocacy role from the region - out of date data and strategy direction