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Learning to take risks II: The influence of age and experience on risky driving behaviour in NSW

Catchpole, John (Peer reviewed)

Young Drivers


The study was designed to test the hypothesis that, among drivers of the same age, risky driving behaviours become more frequent with increasing driving experience. The involvement of New South Wales drivers in accidents and traffic offences was analysed as a function of age, experience and sex. The results of both the accident analysis and the offence analysis supported the study hypothesis. It appears that novice drivers either learn through experience that potential hazards rarely eventuate or they become more confident of their ability to negotiate the hazards successfully if they do eventuate. In particular, there is evidence that an increasing tendency to speed leads to increasing involvement in certain types of accident during the first few years of driving. The findings suggest that the widespread use of combined speed and red light enforcement cameras at signalised intersections may be effective in reducing the frequency of right turn against accidents.