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A comparison of the factors influencing the safety of work-related drivers in work and personal vehicles

Newman, Shannon, Murray, Will

Fleet Safety


There is some evidence to suggest that people who drive for work purposes engage in less safe driving practices than other drivers. This issue was examined by surveying 204 people who drive for work purposes, from four different organisations. It was predicted that work-related drivers would report more unsafe driving behaviours in a work vehicle in comparison to their personal vehicle. In support of this prediction, the participants reported higher crash involvement rates in their work vehicle (per kilometre travelled) than their personal vehicle. The participants were also less likely to engage in vehicle checking practices in their work vehicle compared with their personal vehicle. Contrary to prediction, participants reported that they were less likely to speed or engage in dangerous driving in a work vehicle than their personal vehicle. There was also some evidence that the fleet safety policies and practices in place within each organisation had a positive impact on driver behaviour. The results obtained in this study both confirm and challenge popular beliefs regarding work - related drivers. Replication of these findings with a larger sample of drivers across more diverse vehicle fleets is an important area for future research.