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Development of a Model Novice Driver Education/Development Curriculum

Christie, Ron, Harrison, Warren A. (Peer reviewed)

Novice Driver Programs


Despite the lack of crash-based evidence, the development and application of driver educational/training programs continues to be advocated in the community as a measure to reduce novice driver crash risk. To influence and direct evidence-based practice in this popular area, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has funded the development of a best-practice driver education/development program for Australian novice drivers with at least six months of solo driving experience. ATSB retained the authors to research and prepare a model novice driver curriculum program based on best road safety practice and contemporary psychological, educational theory. The authors were also required to develop specifications for a large-scale, crash-based trial of this program in a suitable Australian jurisdiction. This paper provides an overview of the model curriculum developed and the proposed evaluation plan.