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The contributions of speeding and fatigue to work-related road crashes

Symmons, Mark, Haworth, Narelle (Peer reviewed)

Work Related Road Safety


Speeding and fatigue are both recognised as factors that increase the likelihood of being involved in a crash, and a number of road safety initiatives are targeted at reducing the incidence of these behaviours. However, not much is known about the contribution of these factors to work-related road crashes in the Australian context. Such knowledge may be useful for specifically targeting road safety programmes, particularly since work-related travel accounts for about one-third of all travel (more than half if commuting is included). In addition to being a road safety issue, this is also an occupational health and safety concern as road crashes are the most common form of work-related death in Australia. A unique dataset developed by the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority allows fleet-registered vehicles in crashes to be identified and compared with crashes of non-fleet-registered vehicles. The analyses presented here compare the incidence and severity of excessive speed or fatigue in crashes involving fleet-registered and non-fleet-registered vehicles. To obtain a more complete picture of the problem, where relevant these factors are examined in relation to a number of other variables, such as the prevailing speed limit at the crash site and driver characteristics.