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Cap Speed "The Way Ahead"

Fisher, Carl

Enforcement & Penalties


The Cap Speed Project was a response to the identification of the need to enhance traffic camera systems. The first step was the replacement of old and non-integrated recording systems and the design of a modern fully integrated wet film and digital system, capable of manual or direct information input from other digital systems such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (A.N.P.R.) and have the capacity for search facilities either by name, registration number make or colour of a vehicle, within a street, suburb or specified area over a set time period. The system needed to have the ability to identify target locations and grade their rankings and record equipment used for court purposes. It also was required to process a number of infringement types, to initially include all infringement offences for On the Sport and traffic camera infringements, Pawn Brokers and Cannabis infringements with the ability to accept others when required. A user operating within the system would utilise computer screen/keyboard with virtually no paper handling.