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Trial of Seat Belts on School Buses in Queensland

Butler-Moore, Renae, Roper, Philip, Coutts, Melissa, Newman, Shannon, Styles, Tanya



A trial of seat belts on school buses was conducted in Queensland from January to June 2003. Seat belts were fitted to 12 school buses operating on long steep and very steep routes in Queensland. A seat belt monitoring system was developed and fitted to 6 of the buses. Wearing rates and behaviours of the children travelling on the buses were examined. Results showed that wearing rates varied widely, from 14% to 89%, with an average of 45%. Encouragement to wear the belts had little effect on compliance. Teachers and parents interviewed and surveyed showed a tendency to significantly overestimate wearing rates. Students reported that the belts were uncomfortable, and this was considered to contribute to the low wearing rates.