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Traffic offenders: a drugs and driving survey [ABSTRACT ONLY]

Warn, Annie

Drink/Drug Driving



A survey of personal cannabis use in relation to driving was conducted amongst people attending the Central Coast Traffic Offenders Program. The survey also asked questions about their attitudes towards cannabis and driving.


Early results from the survey indicate a figure as high as 50% of the sample had driven within 5 hours of using cannabis during the previous 4 weeks. Of those, 75% had not drunk alcohol. Only 20% of the sample believe that it is likely a person will be caught by the police for driving whilst affected by cannabis, while 76% believe it is likely that a person will be caught for drink driving.


Findings such as these in one local area give cause for concern. There is no apparent reason why our results could not be representative of NSW or Australia. It is apparent that cannabis is seen as the undetectable alternative to alcohol, particularly amongst the younger age group.