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Teaching Older Drivers: A Handbook for Driving Instructors

Di Stefano, Marilyn, Lovell, Robin

Older Drivers/Users


Older drivers want to maintain driving independence. Licence review, illness, disability or a change in circumstances may mean that the older driver participates in driver assessment, retraining and/or rehabilitation. Driving Instructors (DI) are often involved in these processes. As the number of older drivers in our community increases, the need for DI education and retraining will increase. However, there is a need to develop teaching approaches, which suit individual requirements and the educational styles of older drivers. This paper discusses the development of an innovative project, which aimed to develop and produce a Handbook to assist driving instructors with teaching older drivers. The need for a resource was identified through various consultation processes involving the Road Safety branches of the ACT and Tasmania. A participative model (involving driving instructors and groups representing or resourcing the needs of older or functionally impaired drivers) was used as the project framework. The booklet was developed, trialed and launched in 2001 and is currently in use.