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Organisational commitment to road safety - how serious are we?

Hillier, Paul

Road Environment


This paper examines the commitments a number of public and private sector organisations have made to road safety initiatives and practices in the United Kingdom (UK). The paper also looks the work of a selection of UK based companies in the undertaking of their global operations. Whether organisations in Australia should be considering similar commitments is then discussed.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has been involved with a number of the initiatives and practices introduced above, with the aim of extracting further road safety gains through cultural change. These include such initiatives as:

This paper will present information on trends and specific initiatives within, and emanating from, the UK that could be expected to add value to existing Australian road safety initiatives, but require levels of commitment from a range of different groups to be successsful. The paper then suggests a number of specific items for inclusion in consideration by government authorities, advocacy groups, private industry and community interest groups.