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Incentive Programs ? Is There Potential for Application in Young Drivers to Promote Safe Driving Behaviours?

Deans, Anne

Young Drivers


Youthsafe commissioned Patrick Shanahan of Elliott & Shanahan Research to conduct a study on the potential of incentive programs to promote safe driving behaviours in young people.

This paper examines the key results of the study which involved a literature review, twenty interviews with stakeholders working in road safety and/or health promotion and consultation with young people. The youth consultation process was qualitative and exploratory comprising ten mini group discussions and ten paired interviews with young males and females aged 16-20 years and resident in rural and metropolitan NSW.

This paper summarises many of the practical difficulties in implementing incentive schemes and in gaining acceptance of them by the young driver target group. It also provides information on what issues need to be addressed for incentive schemes to be meaningful and achieve some measure of success.