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Self-regulation of Speed Themes in Australian Motor Vehicle Advertising: Perceptions of 204 Young Drivers [ABSTRACT ONLY]

Chapman, Profesor Simon

Young Drivers


A voluntary code developed in 2002 was promoted as a means of proscribing the use of speed as a selling point in car advertising. Many people believe that the speed theme remains a dominant advertising theme. This paper reports results of a study of 204 18-35 year old Sydney drivers? perceptions of themes used in 26 recent televised car advertisements selected because of obvious speed themes. Eight comparison advertisements were also evaluated. In the 26 apparently speed-featuring ads, drivers described speed as a theme that was "very obvious" [range 96% to 24% of ads]. The voluntary code has "weasel" clauses that allow a cynical adherence to the code while permitting advertisers to promote speed at will. The code should be discredited as a serious means of controlling the promotion of speed in motor vehicle advertising and legislation controlling such advertising introduced.