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Fixed, Digital Speed Cameras in NSW: Impacts on Vehicle Speeds and Crashes

Carseldine, Dr Don

Speed Cameras


The RTA began to install fixed digital speed cameras in NSW in late 1999. The policy for fixed speed camera installation in NSW calls for cameras to be located only at sites meeting speed and crash history criteria or hazardous sites such as road tunnels, and for those sites to be clearly marked by prominent advisory signage. In mid-2000, the RTA initiated a comprehensive three-year evaluation program of the cameras. The conduct of the evaluation program was contracted to a respected transport research company.

The evaluation consisted of a number of major components: measured speeds preinstallation and at specified time intervals post-installation; crash records three years pre-installation and two years post-installation; four waves of community questionnaire survey on knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and reported behaviours of drivers in relation to the fixed speed cameras and speeding. A representative subset of the sites was selected for the speed and crash evaluation components.

This paper deals with the results of the speed surveys and crash data. A separate paper in this session will deal with the results of the community questionnaire surveys.

The evaluation was completed in September 2003. This paper will talk about the design of the speed survey and crash data components of the evaluation program and the major road safety outcomes.