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Motorcycle Crash Patterns for Riders aged 17-25 in NSW

Christie, Ron, Harrison, Warren A.

Young Drivers


The Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) funded the authors to investigate motorcycle crash patterns for riders and pillion passengers aged 17-25 in NSW using Roads & Traffic Authority (NSW) crash data and MAA compulsory third party (CTP) insurance claims data for the period 1989-2000 inclusive. This paper summarises the findings of the study reported to MAA in early 2002. The majority of crash-involved motorcycle riders were male with a similar proportion across all age groups and motorcycle types. By contrast, the majority of crash involved pillion passengers were female, with a higher proportion in the over 25 year old group. In general, the study found that riders aged above 25 years were at greater risk of crash involvement and more severe injury than those aged below 25 - except for underage and/or unlicensed riders. Mean total claims cost was higher for riders and pillions aged over 25 years - claims cost was related to injury severity and vice versa. Unlicensed use was more common among crash involved riders aged below 25 years ? about three times the rate for those aged over 25 years. Analysis of MAA claims data showed sports type motorcycles to present a high crash and injury risk to all age groups of riders - particularly riders aged below 25 years. Sports type motorcycles also presented a particular risk for both male and female pillion passengers. Conclusions regarding the study findings are presented together with countermeasure recommendations.