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Motorcycling in the Snowy Mountains

Cheshire, Joanne, MacGregor, Terry, Stewart, Trudy

Motorcycles and Scooters


Motorcycle accidents are a significant road safety problem. In Tumbarumba Shire 22%, Tumut Shire 10% and Snowy River Shire 22% of all crashes involve a motorcycle. Motorcycle riding and subsequently motorcycle crashes have gradually increased in these Shires over the last 3 years. A number of factors have contributed to these crashes, including speed, fatigue, riders not riding to the conditions, and riders not knowing the roads. The majority of riders involved in crashes are not residents of any of the three Shires.

The Project has been running for twelve months. During this time a number of achievements have been made. These include two motorcycle surveys to obtain a picture of the riders who are riding in the region and the road safety issues motorcyclists felt they faced when riding in the region. A Motorcycle Forum was held as a means to consult with those involved, in relation to the development of an action plan and to gain support for the establishment of the ?Snowy Region Motorcycle Safety Group?. This group consisting of representatives from Tumbarumba and Tumut Councils, Snowy Hydro, RTA, NSW and VIC Police, Motorcycle Council of NSW, NPWS and motorcyclists, meets on a monthly basis.

An email group has been formed allowing the reporting of road conditions and the provision of information on group rides occurring in the Region. The ?Motorcycling in the Snowy?s? brochure has been developed containing a map detailing the main motorcycling routes through the Region. Road safety audits have been conducted along these routes, and new rest area signage will be implemented naming each rest area in line with the map. The Motorcycle Council of NSW, as a result of their involvement with the group sought and received a grant from the MAA to develop strategies and resources that specifically target group riding. New town entry signs have been implemented for each village within Tumbarumba Shire, which include information on safe riding and details of rest areas within the Shire.