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Townsville / Thuringowa Bikeways Map

Wheeler, Eion



After a Queensland Transport organised cycle forum in Townsville in December of 1998 a Townsville / Thuringowa and Districts Cycle Committee (TTDCC) was established early in 1999. The committee consists of representatives of government agencies concerned with promoting cycling as an alternative to private car usage, improved health for participants and better community infrastructure for safe commuting and recreational cycling. Local Governments, educational bodies and private users are also represented on the committee.

A set of objectives was drawn up for the operation of the committee with an underlying tenet to be strategic and to compliment the National and State cycle strategies released at about that time. In particular the committee targeted the State goal for Queensland of achieving 8% of transport trips using a bicycle by 2011. Knowing that the current figure for Townsville from 1996 data was about 5% this seemed an achievable target.

A number of strategies were considered with the production of the cycle map being universally considered a vital aid for cyclists and a way of encouraging more people to consider cycling a viable, ecologically friendly, fun and healthy mode of transport. How to gather the resources and produce such a map was the dilemma.

Twelve months later with funding from Queensland Transport, a project officer from Queensland Health and a small committee to steer the project the cycle map appeared to be achievable.

With the combination of Department of Main Roads, Townsville City Council and City of Thuringowa Global Information Systems, data showing the location of bike paths and on road bike lanes as well as key points of community interest and traffic generation in the twin cities was developed. The map was compiled from this data for release at the end of June 2000. The reverse side of the map lists cycle safety tips, road rules and equipment information for cyclists.

The project is a triumph for inter-agency cooperation and with ongoing assessment of its effectiveness for future improvement may become a permanent feature of the Townsville/Thuringowa cyclists tool kit.